Full Line of Services


Lawn Barbers offer a wide array of outdoor services to help keep your property looking best all year round. We treat each customer's property as if it were our own and make sure that each service is done correctly. With our experience, you can trust that your property will be looking the best it ever has.



Mowing- weekly mowing at an average height of 3" will keep your lawn looking healthy all year round. Don't forget, cut only 1/3 of the blade length off per mow.


Trimming- trimming under trees, along fences, around landscaping, and anywhere the mower can't reach.


Edging- nothing puts a finishing touch on a lawn better then a proper edge. We edge mulch beds, curb lines, driveways, patios and walkways.


WEEKLY LAWN MAINTENANCE- includes mowing, trimming, edging.


Fertilizer Programs- the most important parts of laying an application is timing of season, amount of material, and how to apply.


Aerating- loosens up compacted soil, and increases the ability to transfer air, water and nutrients to the root systems.


Seeding- the best way to replenish the density or a lawn, typically done in the spring or fall months when the temperatures are cooler.


TOTAL TURF PROGRAM- includes fertilizers/treatments, aerating, and seeding.




Shrub Pruning & Shearing- trimming dead, diseased, or displaced bushes can ensure a healthy plant and natural look. We also shape bushes for a neat and tidy appearance, experts in spirals.


Edging Beds- nothing sets off a landscape better then a nice 3" edge to seperate lawn from landscape.


Mulch Installation- our premium mulch products add a rich contrast to mulch beds, help prevent weeds, and provide nurishment for plants. Available in dyed black, brown, red and triple ground natural.


Weed Control- the best time to attack weeds are before they surface. We use pre-emergent like preen and post emergents like round up to control over 100 types of weeds.


SPRING CLEAN UP- includes shrub pruning, edging beds, mulch installtion and weed control.


Leaf Removal - in both spring and fall we provide unparrelleled clean up services. All leaves, lawn debris, and dead limbs will be removed from your property leaving it prepared for the winter.


FALL CLEAN UP- includes shrub pruning and leaf removal.





Landscape Design- the right landscape design can transform the look of a home and add curb appeal. Correctly pairing plants, contrasting textures, and effective placement are just a few things to keep in mind when designing a landscape.


Planting- whether it's an accent to a mature landscape with annuals or perennial additions to compliment the existing layout we can help you develop the right plan.


Stone Installation- Red tipple, goose egg, river jack are three of the most popular stones we install or refresh.


Tree/Shrub Removal- whether it's dead or unwanted we can remove any plant from your property.


Hardscaping- add a timeless piece to your outdoor living space. Driveways, walkways, retaining walls, and outdoor fireplaces are a few of our favorite projects.


Fence Installation- a fence can add value to a home while also serving a tremendous purpose such as privacy or pet containment. We install various types of  privacy and ornamental fences.